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By Chaille Groom

For each individual there is a separate story, a separate struggle, a separate contribution.

There are those who play society's game who bend their ethics, morals, wants to fit social ambition.  Knowing how to appear and how to manipulate can mean swift, sure gains.  Their lives reside in HAVING.
Then there are those who live by their own rules.  Original souls who look beyond the crowd, who see within themselves and into others.  Their lives reside in BEING.
Who am I?
It's a question defined by every choice we make.
One travels further and further on unknown paths-
distilling what it is to be alive uncovering the bones of reality.
Feelings are such humble whispers-
One must closely and quietly, surrender and trust without the security of answers.
There is an other realm, a space, a wordless mixture of melancholy and ecstasy ..............a taste in the mind.
There is a place, a peace from which to pursue perfection and progress.

Dreamers, Creators, Lovers, we are not entirely of this world.
How fragile is life.  How fragile is happiness.
Not success or failure, but tails of strength, glimpses of beauty, moments of depth between beings reveal our lives.
From misunderstanding comes understanding.
From imbalance comes balance.  From a void springs fullness.
The silent, quiet interactions.....the intimate life.
Nothing means more.....knowing special individuals, sharing in personal ways.  Eyes into eyes, a hand on a hand....the perfect brief state of harmony, of rhythm with someone or something.....Being.
To Be- is to create, to move, to inspire motion, feeling and insight.

The more I live
                The more I love
The more I Give
                The more I understand
The more I am.

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