Would you breed to a Dane without a CHIC number? [264 votes total]

YES (242) 92%
NO (22) 8%

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Posted By: Dawn Ruhl

Posted On: 2 days ago
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Breeding without a CHIC number

A CHIC number does not give me that warm and fuzzy feeling that everything is just ducky.
Even if the CHIC number guaranteed (which it doesn't) that the dogs/bitches had even passed all the health tests required, I would still want to know more than what is in the test results for "that day". Since all the health tests are about "that day"... there is no guarantee even with a CHIC number. Period.
Because of all the variables, even the most cautious of breedings is still basically a crap shoot at best. So, I have to say the CHIC number is not something I would require in order for me to breed to a dog or bitch. A Dane who does have a CHIC number does tell me one thing... that the owner of said Dane is concerned about and attempting to be the kind of breeder we all want to be...A breeder truly dedicated to improving the breed.
Anybreeder who feels that a CHIC number is the end-all in breeding is sadly misled. And no matter how much I would want to breed to their Dane, I would have to steer clear because they are sadly deluding themselves.

Posted By: Vicki

Posted On: 5 days ago
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Breeding to non Chic

The researching of pedigrees, using dogs/bitches in a breeding program who have soundness of mind & body, health and good temperament,and if possible longevity behind them.. These qualities in my humble opinion are far more important than having a CHIC number when breeding. We would use a dog that was limited in clearances & did not have a CHIC # IF it posessed the qualities we wanted.

Posted By: Mimi Kim

Posted On: Jul 11
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Chic numbers and breeding

A dog or a bitch not having a CHIC number would certainly not be a deal breaker for me. Health testing is certainly an important aspect in my breeding decisions, but there are other things that I have to take into account, such as overall soundness, and good temperament being at the top of my list.

Posted By: Mary Anne

Posted On: Jul 11
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CHIC Number

Hi Sean:

Obviously, there is informational value in both positive and negative health screening results. That's why a dog who has completed all four required screens of the CHIC battery of tests AND ALLOWED THE RESULTS TO BE PUBLISHED gets a CHIC number, regardless of whether the results were "passing" or not. Besides, there is no such thing as a "passing" PENN-Hip evaluation and that method is acceptable for the CHIC program.

The question, however, was would you breed to a dog who did not have a CHIC number? In other words, are these test results so vital to one's breeding decisions that their absence would be a deal breaker? I think that's the question most are answering with a "no".

Mary Anne

Posted By: Sean

Posted On: Jul 11
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Okay every post here bashes CHIC for providing a number to non-passing results. Why is this an Issue??? Is it not better to know a head of time that in fact the dog is afflicted with something? Doesn’t it provide a heck of a lot more information on an animal than a "OFA-Clear"?

I personally commend the few people that are willing to post their negative results to OFA and acheive a CHIC number!

Posted By: Scot Billings

Posted On: Jul 11
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Breeding without a CHIC #

I do have a lot of respect for people that do have Danes that have good results from the health screenings & get a CHIC number but I refuse to call them health "Tests". A test will define the existance of a health problem NOT just the possibility/probability of ever having it occur. It is bad enough that CHIC does not require "passing" the screenings, but even worse when you realize that it doesn't even indicate future health. It is also a little ridiculous to infer all of the things being screened are genetic. IMO the current definition of genetic is "If we don't know how/why it occurs it must be genetic." which I don't believe has a very good basis.
The surprising thing is that there is one sure way to eliminate genetic health problems & that is constant Line Breeding, some close line breeding, which will in a number of generations eliminate all the genetic health problems thru the elimination of the line entirely. Too many are doing the opposite by breeding only to the "Top Winners" & thereby "expanding the gene pool" which seems to be very important to many. This includes crossing colors just because a GDCA committee decided that there is no reason to follow the "Color Code".

Posted By: Cheryl Cline

Posted On: Jul 10
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The entire idea of obtaining a CHIC number means nothing to those of us who have been breeding healthy Danes for many decades. I only do health testing for me and my Danes, so that I'm assured that the health of our pedigree continues. We all know that having a CHIC number does not ensure healthy dogs.

Cheryl Cline

Posted By: anon

Posted On: Jul 10
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Brainwashing thru the centuries has been an amazing tool of emotion !
I challenge anybody to send something in black & white thru the years that states ANY of these tests have benefitted our danes in any small , minute way...with any of our ongoing diseases ! Most are done out of obligation to ''go along with the crowd'' or for selling purposes only . I doubt if they even care or know what they involve.
So many mistakes have been made in the guise of health testing it's pityful !Almost anybody can get any result if they try hard enough.
Pedigrees, bloodlines & thier consistent outcome of healthy danes is worth it's weight in gold. Nothing more, nothing less.

Posted By: Sharron Barney

Posted On: Jul 10
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CHIC numbers

Having a CHIC number means nothing to me. All it says is that the owner has spent a lot of money and time having tests run, maybe passing a few or not since you can get a number either way, and doens't help with pedigrees, breed type or anything else that I am interested in when I look for a stud.