What do you feel is the best course of action regarding the current ILLUSTRATED Standard? [178 votes total]

Keep it as is (26) 15%
Have no Illustrated Standard at all (4) 2%
Reinstate the Gauthier rendition (79) 44%
Have a completely new one drawn (69) 39%

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Posted By: Scot Billings

Posted On: 6 days ago
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Standard of Photos VS Drawings

I feel using photos to determine structure is much like the ringside "judges" do while the Judge can determine structure better with "Hands-On" judging. A drawing can show what is beneath the coat while ringside judging or viewing photos can only give a glimpse, if even that, of whether the structure is what the standard wanted. I can see advantages of using both but I feel that the drawings are more educational, but only if they are representative which the current ones are NOT.

Posted By: Nikki Riggsbee

Posted On: 7 days ago
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Illustrated Standard

Many other breeds have illustrated standards using photos of real dogs rather than drawings. These are much easier to learn from than drawings. While there is no perfect dog, some have been fairly close. Computer programs are available to both correct minor dog faults in photographs and also to help make the dog not recognizeable. While the previous drawings are better than the current ones, photographs would be even better.

Posted By: Vicky

Posted On: May 7
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Standard drawings

Started in the breed in 1974, and learned about Great Danes by studing the Gauthier drawn standard, Even as a Canadian to this day we judge our dogs against that old standard when evaluating. It seemed to reflect what a great dane should be. Of course there was some diversity from east to west coast , less or more elgance depending on what part of the country one was from. Yet we were compared against that standard when being judged and tried to breed up to it. Can anyone tell me what the reasoning was for the GDCA to change from the Gauthier drawn standard was..? It seemed to show a dog with the look of eagles we strive for in breeding.