According to the Standard, what single characteristic is emphasized most? [50 votes total]

GAIT (3) 6%
BODY (1) 2%
HEAD (38) 76%
COLOR (4) 8%
SIZE (1) 2%

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Posted By: Lois

Posted On: Sep 15
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I think the poll is VERY ambiguous in the way it has been structured. Obviously body would incorporate the forequarter and hindquarter ie. not just the torso, as a head would incorporate ears, eyes and teeth.
Not to put too little emphasis on head if general appearance is also considered the head does not rate a mention in your standard.

Posted By: Ann

Posted On: Sep 15
Views: 189

and when your're judging .......the dog standing before you has only one color so all the other color text doesn't apply.

Posted By: Ann

Posted On: Sep 15
Views: 230

and that's only if you combine all the color distinctions together as one

Posted By: none

Posted On: Sep 15
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I think the only other thing in the standard that comes close to head in length is color.

Posted By: Jessie

Posted On: Sep 14
Views: 277

If you just look at the number of lines used to describe each of these catagories in the standard, you'd see that it is HEAD! Temperament has only 1 sentence!!!