How important are dark eyes? [119 votes total]

VERY (78) 66%
SOMEWHAT (38) 32%
NOT AT ALL (3) 3%


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Posted By: m. anderson

Posted On: 1 day ago
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dark eyes

Having been out of great danes for 20+ yrs. I went back to some old pictures of my harlequins, they all (vast majority) had dark eyes. I do think that if they have no black markings around the eye you could easily get blue or a "split" eye. But also a Harlie with a blue eye is FAR less offensive than a fawn/brindle with a yellow eye, or black w/yellow or blue w/white. No matter what colour you may have however the standard calls(or at least over here, not sure of U.S. standard) for a dark eye in all colours. No different than a gay tail or any other minor fault, we should try to rid our dogs of these pesty little "ugly" faults. How about a fawn (just as example) with BIG ROUND yellow eyes and haws to the bridge? Not a look that I would call appealing, so please watch the eyes like every other part that matters.

Posted By: Lori Cornelius

Posted On: 2 days ago
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dark eyes

I have to admit - JP is correct - I voted from a fawn/brindle breeders point of view.

Posted By: Teresa La Brie

Posted On: 2 days ago
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eye color

Have to agree with JP - I think the question can have different answers depending on color. I breed blues and blacks and think a dark eye is very important on my blacks but not as important on my blues.

Posted By: Jane Gray

Posted On: 3 days ago
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Dark eyes

With all of the really important issues having to deal with this giant breed, some how I find that the intensity of the eye pigment to be rather inconsequential. This breed suffers from micro opthamia, cataract, entroprion,and ectropion, and the color of the eye doesn't effect any of these problems. Let's concentrate on something IMPORTANT!

Posted By: JP Yousha

Posted On: 4 days ago
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How Important Are Dark Eyes?

Given the extra complications involved in acquiring and maintaining a truly dark eye with Harlequins & Blue Danes, I cannot but wonder, at least for breeders answering this poll, if there wouldn't be a split based on color between those answering "very" and "somewhat" important, with AOAC tending to answer "somewhat" more often than the fawn-brindle breeder.