The Standard actually states, describing tail carriage, "NEVER above the level of the back." How important is this when you're contemplating a mating between two individuals? [104 votes total]

Would not select a dog with a bad tail (63) 61%
Would notice it but breed anyway (29) 28%
Just another thing no one cares about anymore (6) 6%
Of no importance at all (2) 2%
Think dogs that carry their tails up are just spunky (4) 4%

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Posted By: Rob

Posted On: 19 hr, 27 min. ago
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Tail Carriage

The tail is the last thing you see when a dog moves away from you. If it's a ring tail, that is your last mental image stored of that dog, and possibly making you forget everything that was in front of it. Not something anyone should be willing to reproduce.

Posted By: Vicky lanyon

Posted On: 3 days ago
Views: 64

A danes tail should be like a saber when moving.. not held over its back like a stick or cup hook.. Something is not correct in the dogs structure or there wouldn't be this gay or stick like tail in the air. Tails have got to be part of the decision when breeding .IMO throws the beatuiful outline of a dane off .

Posted By: Cindi

Posted On: Mar 16
Views: 519

You could see the most beautiful specimen standing in the ring, and the second they move and that tail goes straight up in the air.....yikes! Couldn't make a beautiful dog look worse to me. I would rather tie a white handkerchief to the end of it and surrender that dog to the couch! lol