What is the main purpose of contracts for selling dogs as they are written and used today? [100 votes total]

to get the dog back (37) 37%
to impose ones personal philosophy about raising dogs often over the law and professional veterinary recommendation (control) (24) 24%
to stop new owners from becoming breeders (15) 15%
to give recourse to new owner if getting a pet quality pup for the price of a show prospect (1) 1%
to give recourse to new owner if dog becomes sick regardless of the health checks done on parents (9) 9%
to release seller from responsibilities (14) 14%

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Posted By: Jane

Posted On: 13 days ago
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mutual protection

The buyer should say, "I'll sign yours if you'll sign mine." If the seller won't, the buyer should walk out. If they have one, it has to protect both parties.