Do you give your Danes heartworm preventative? [519 votes total]

yes (120) 23%
no (38) 7%
all year (74) 14%
just during mosquito season (48) 9%
monthly (94) 18%
daily (1) 0%
Heartgard (48) 9%
Interceptor (43) 8%
Iverheart (2) 0%
Revolution (1) 0%
Sentinel (2) 0%
other (48) 9%

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Posted By: Vicky

Posted On: Jun 16
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Heartworm meds

To get true resuts from this poll will be difficult, because not all of us need to use heartworm medication. We live in an area where the mosquitoe season is short so heartworm is not found, so no need for monthly medication..When we travel away from the area we do use it 30 days after we return and continue for the two months, otherwise our dogs do not need any preventitive meds. Since this is a form of poison coursing in your dogs system, I am glad we don't require it on a regular basis .