In the USA, there are many Great Dane kennel names, but how many true bloodlines are currently being bred? [154 votes total]

none (6) 4%
1 to 3 (36) 23%
4 to 6 (44) 29%
7 to 10 (30) 19%
11 to 20 (20) 13%
21 to 50 (8) 5%
over 50 (10) 6%

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Posted By: Teresa

Posted On: Jul 12
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interesting poll! I found it difficult to come up with a number - mostly because I don't know as many "lines" outside of my own colors (blue/black). I do think that there are only a handful of kennels that have truly recognizable "lines" today. I hesitate to name names but one kennel instantly came to mind when I asked myself, can I look into the ring (regardless of location) and pick out dogs from that kennel? I tried to move from color to color and if the answer to the above question was "yes", then I would count them in my list. In doing so I found that I really couldn't come up with too many!