Has the time come for Danes to be selected for breeding for the purpose of enhancing their abilities to do performance tasks? (Obedience, Agility, Rally, Tracking, etc.) [98 votes total]

yes (40) 41%
no (51) 52%
no opinion (7) 7%

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Posted By: Deb

Posted On: 4 days ago
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Breeding for performance

Many moons ago, standards were set for the capabilities and expectations for each breed and what their purpose/expectations were,
ie coats, strength, endurance...
Although our kids are no longer needed to hunt wild boar or guard milk wagons, have
we strayed so far that all we are trying for now is 'just another pretty face" in the dog world?

Posted By: Teresa

Posted On: 5 days ago
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breed for performance traits...

I would have liked a 3rd choice (other than "yes" or "no") but having had to choose I chose "yes" but wanted to clarify it a bit. I don't think breeding based solely on the ability to do a certain task is a good thing, nor do I feel that breeding just for a "look" is a good thing. I do think that Danes should be able to perform (insert: agility, tracking, obedience, etc.)because that (to me) shows that they have the intelligence, temperament, and soundness to do so. I don't think that they should look like a Greyhound, Border Collie (insert breed of choice here) in order to do that! I do think we can breed dogs that exemplify the standard AND perform any job we ask of them. Breeding healthy, well balanced dogs that meet the standard for the breed is what we need!