What do you think is/was the most difficult part of Great Dane structure to learn and understand? [224 votes total]

head (15) 7%
front assembly (156) 70%
outline (3) 1%
croup/tailset/rear (23) 10%
gait (27) 12%

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Posted By: Dawn

Posted On: Sep 3
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difficult to understand? Front assembly

Because I see so many winning dogs with poker-straight shoulders and slight chests, I have to believe that a lot of Dane people do not know what IS proper front assembly. Therefore, it must be the most difficult to understand, for many. Talking to breeders, judges and other Dane folks, the resonating complaints I hear are the fronts and shoulders of the dogs out there winning.
Now, before anyone says... what the heck does SHE know? I have spent over 2/3s of my life's years working with horses and spent my first 9 years in Great Danes researching their pedigrees, structure and health of this wonderful breed before I even bred my first litter. Are my dog's fronts perfect? Not yet. However, the saddest thing out there is, from what the exhibitors are prancing around the ring... is the structure of the front assembly is where a lot of people need to learn and understand.

Posted By: judy london

Posted On: Sep 3
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hardest part of a dane to understand

i don't think ANY of it is hard to understand. some of it may be elusive to get in a breeding, but certainly not difficult to understand.

Posted By: Don Ramsey

Posted On: Sep 2
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I think I had the hardest time understanding gait because it involves so many different parts of the dog and what effect they have on the gait.