What effect do you think allowing multiple sires on the same litter will have on the breed? [185 votes total]

A positive effect (69) 37%
A negative effect (52) 28%
No effect (64) 35%

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Posted By: Kathy

Posted On: 3 days ago
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Multiple Sires

If one could actually GET a multiple sired litter from 2 or more different dogs, get the paperwork through the AKC system before the puppies were too old to show and breed into the next 5 generations we might be able to answer the question. Actually and in all honesty with kidding aside, there would be no negative effect and if we used quality like type sperm (chilled with chilled, frozen with frozen, live with live) of basic same motility level and put it all in at the same time(s) we might start suceeding.

Posted By: Debbie

Posted On: 13 days ago
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Multiple Sires

I can't see any negative's on using multiple sires but at this point I haven't seen too many people have success doing it. Most breeders I know that have tried it ended up with pups out of 1 sire. There does seem to be a lot of "paper work" involved to register the litter so I guess that could be considered a negative and the possibility of having to wait for further DNA testing if the sires are closely related.

Debbie Cole

Posted By: Betsy

Posted On: Oct 11
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Multiple Sires

I can't think of any negative effects on the breed.

There are some other pros and cons to using multiple sires but they have no effect on the

Posted By: Sandy

Posted On: Oct 7
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Multiple Sires

It will definitely make it easier to get a comparison of what two different lines bred to your line will produce - plus it will help to guarantee a litter if one of the two sires were iffy in sperm count - motility - I think it is a good thing. Besides each puppy only has one sire.

Posted By: Teresa

Posted On: Oct 7
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multiple sires

I see no difference between using two sires in one litter or two sires in two different litters.

Posted By: Leon Reimert

Posted On: Oct 6
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multiple sires

Could anyone tell me what possible negative effect it would have on the breed?


Posted By: Don

Posted On: Oct 4
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multiple sires

Multiple sires, what are you crazy?

Posted By: Zee

Posted On: Oct 2
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multiple sires

I totally agree with Gina here! What is the difference in breeding with 2 males versus 2 different litters. I am anxious to have a dual sired litter myself as I find it difficult to decide between 2 males for one bitch.

Posted By: GMJ

Posted On: Oct 2
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multiple sires

Since almost everybody has negative approaches to what they know absolutely nothing about ( especially the parent club !), I am not surprised at the amount of ''negative'' answers.
But I am baffled by the use of the terminology used in the question ? What do you mean by ''what effect''? What is the difference between multiple sires & two seperate breedings?? Except that is SAVES OUR bitches MANY breedings, winter litters, mucho money on frozen inseminations...I could go on & on.
I have done it and it is WONDERFUL. I struggled for so long on which stud to use on my one bitch and thanks to the multip[le sire breedings I had 3 out of one sire and three out of another...both DEAD by the way. Dr. Hutchison simply mixed the two in the syringe and voila....6 puppies by two of my favorite boys. What can you possibly find wrong with that ? Now let's all think before we answer eh....!!! GMJ