From your experience, what is the best age to evaluate a litter of Great Dane pups? [198 votes total]

At birth (10) 5%
Six weeks old (23) 12%
Seven weeks old (24) 12%
Eight weeks old (90) 45%
Nine weeks old (4) 2%
Ten weeks old (8) 4%
Eleven weeks old (2) 1%
Three months old (37) 19%

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Posted By: Kathy

Posted On: 3 days ago
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Pick a puppy

The pick is the one who finished first in any litter unless another one goes Best in Show and that is the real pick! : )

Posted By: Teresa

Posted On: Oct 7
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litter evaluation

LOL, there wasn't a choice for my answer...I think you can evaluate the very best when they are full grown (and hopefully already finished)!!!

Posted By: No

Posted On: Oct 6
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Evaluating litters

We wait at least 4-6 months so I chose 3 months as that was the oldest

Posted By: Nikki Riggsbee

Posted On: Oct 5
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Evaluating Litters

How about 18 months? Or 9 months? A breeder of toy dogs says she keeps hers until they are 6 months. How else, she asks, can you tell what the quality is? Unfortunately, most of us don't have the resources to keep them long enough to tell what quality we have.

Posted By: Scot Billings

Posted On: Oct 5
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Evaluating a litter

I had to choose 8 weeks since the others that Peg uses were not listed. When evaluating OUR litters Peg evaluates the heads at birth (within a few seconds). The croup, topline, & rear movement at 4 weeks. Overall evaluation at 8 weeks & a confirming overall evaluation at 12 weeks. She also mentioned that this works for her ONLY when evaluating our line since she knows what to look for based on previous litters.