Should potential GROUP performance influence a judge's choice in the Breed ring? [195 votes total]

NEVER (156) 80%
SOMETIMES (24) 12%
ALWAYS (15) 8%

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Posted By: Dave

Posted On: Nov 10
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Group placement

The problem here is not whether a judge is choosing the BOB based on its potential in the group ring, it’s the total lack of consistency and “interest” we are seeing by all-breed judges when it comes to Danes. Sure, there are standouts in our breed but I’ve been witness to more than a few truly poor examples of the breed being put up for winner and for breed. More often than not, I’ve seen judges with a total lack of interest in what he is doing, what he puts up for winners and who gets to the breed ring. Having judges turn their backs on dogs while still moving around the ring, skipping over or forgetting to examine dogs… most of us have had at least one or more of these types of situations with judges. How do we expect to get group placements when so many all-breed judges have no interest in making sure the “best” Dane gets there in the first place?

Posted By: Danelover

Posted On: Nov 6
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Group judging

Why should 'potential' group performance have ANY influence on what a judge feels is the best example of the breed there?? It seems rather simple to me... choose the dane that adheres most to the GREAT DANE standard in the breed ring. Let the group judge decide which dog conforms most to it's standard in the group ring.

Posted By: Judy Harrington

Posted On: Nov 6
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Typey Movement

Never being at a loss for words, I would like to make the additional comment that movement may or may not be "typey". Best explained by the fact that movement correct for a Min Pin, Bulldog, Deerhound and other breeds as well - would not be correct for a Dane.

Posted By: Judy Harrington

Posted On: Nov 5
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Breed / Group Judging

Group performance should NEVER be a consideration when judging any breed. Each representative should be judged to the standard and true type in all breeds includes the ideal in proportion, soundness of mind and body and correct head type- that is TYPE. The closer all of the components come to ideal, the more competitive a dog becomes when compared to other exhibits in its Group and so on to Best in Show. Just a short comment on a long subject!

Posted By: John

Posted On: Nov 3
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the results are telling

I think the poll shows winning in and of itself is a hollow victory. After you do it you may come to realize it has been so undermined that almost no one takes it seriously except maybe a few with similar personality traits and the need to document their own value.
And as far as the Poll need to look at the results; it points to the false concept of winning. No one is really buying it any more. The only thing left with any chance of being valid is breeding an excellent Great Dane.

Posted By: BigDogLover

Posted On: Nov 2
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Oh really

NO, certainly not. I don't think the top winners are the ones necessarily you need to incorporate into your breeding program. I don't disagree with your comments. I wish the Great Dane got more respect in the group ring......and I think as a breeder of danes, that winning a group or BIS means more to me than it was just fun......that the dog won on its own merits, no politics.....

Posted By: Sue

Posted On: Nov 2
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Oh really......

Do you think that the TOP WINNING Danes are often the best ones to breed too?

Posted By: BigDogLover

Posted On: Nov 2
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Just fun for the Owner?????

I think winning or placing in the group or BIS is much more than JUST fun for the owner. To me, it should mean that not only was the dog the best specimen in his own breed that day in the breed judges opinion, but, in the group judges opinion the best specimen amongst so many others who are considered Best of their breed........

Posted By: Sue

Posted On: Nov 2
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a no brainer????

Not quite..............I think the no-brainer would be that the task at hand in the Best Of Breed ring is for the judge to pick the best Great Dane standing before him on breed type who might produce other excellent Great Danes also with breed type. It's definitely not his job to attempt to manipulate the outcome of Group and/or Best In Show selections which may or may not be judged by someone even qualified to judge Great Danes. Although winning in the Group and BIS is great fun for the owner, to beat the Siberian, the Doberman or the Giant Schnauzer in the Group or even the Standard Poodle, the Smooth Fox Terrier or the Chinese Crested, etc., in the BIS ring has almost nothing to do with which Great Danes should be being bred.

Posted By: BigDogLover

Posted On: Nov 2
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Poll 39

Isn't a BOB chosen to compete in group? If I were a judge I would want a good representative of the breed competing in the group ring....So that it itself is an influence.......
Seems like a no brainer to me. I don't think a judge should be influenced by who is on the end of the lead and who is financing the dog, if that is what is being implied in this poll question. I think these poll questions need to be written differently to support a more informative response.