Would you prefer the GDCA to abolish the divisions and to have the National based at one site in the middle of the country each and every year? [258 votes total]

YES (93) 36%
NO (139) 54%
MAYBE (23) 9%

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Posted By: Dave

Posted On: Nov 2
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Moving the national to a new location does a number of things. First, it gives people from all over the comntry the opportunity to come together for the love of the breed. It also provides education, fun, pride and travel to those who attend and exhibit. It also spreads the work load. If the same groups had to do it year after year, it would quickly become a burden and lose its fun and excitement. This is a very special event. Moving it to a different location each year keeps it that way.

Posted By: Jane Chopson

Posted On: Nov 2
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National sites

Although finding suitable locations to hold the National is a challenge in some Divisions I am afraid moving it to one location poses several serious problems. Firstly it excludes many who cannot easily afford travel from every attending a National Specialty. As it stands now every 5 or 6 years there is a good chance that the National will be held somewhere fairly near you. In addition it would probably place the burden of preplanning and hosting primarily on those who live close to the site. By traveling arround the Divisions we offer a National experience to all. Those of us that remember when the National was held exclusivly on the East coast also remember it was primarily a East Coast entry. Just my thoughts.

Posted By: Scot Billings

Posted On: Nov 1
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National at 1 location or more than 1

If the National Specialty is only another show, albeit a larger than normal Specialty, having it at 1 location would not be bad. National, as far as we are concerned, is a Show plus a Futurity, which is not AKC sanctioned, plus a Top 20 & more. It is all the above going on at the same time as a great education, both formal & informal. It is an chance to get the answers that have been bothering you in a setting where most of the people you want to ask questions of are staying in the same Hotel/Showsite as you are.
Yes, it would be more convient for some of us to drive less distance but most often it is actually worth the drive, no matter where it is. By having it "travel" it is more convient to everyone at one year or another.
Each person may have a different thought but I think many people feel that "The National" is much more than just another Specialty. Just my opinion.