Do you think the quality of independent specialties has improved or declined in recent years? [156 votes total]

Improved (44) 28%
Greatly Improved (4) 3%
Declined (65) 42%
Greatly Declined (16) 10%
Remains the same (27) 17%

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Posted By: Scot Billings

Posted On: 4 hr, 31 min. ago
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Only Serious?

I will agree that showing, specialty or all-breed, should be serious but I think it should also be fun. Over 2 decades ago a long time handler told us "When showing is no longer fun it is time to quit." & we have tried to keep that in mind. In some cases shows have gotten so serious that winners have only heard applause from 1 or 2 people. I hope that I never get that serious because it will mean that I should quit.

Posted By: Mary Barnett

Posted On: 13 hr, 25 min. ago
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To 'Jill'

Sorry to touch a nerve. If people can't have fun anymore, what is the point? The ones who dress up their dogs or whatever, obviously don't go in the ring that way, just as you noted that Tiger Woods or Peyton Manning would not compete in that way. And these two extremely professional sports figures would also never be intolerant of their fans/spectators. I am very glad to see many people at all of the specialties.

Posted By: Serious Show Exhibitor

Posted On: 14 hr, 13 min. ago
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To Jill

I still don't really understand what you mean by "pet mentality"... can you explain?? Does this have something to do with the Parades??

Posted By: Jill

Posted On: 4 days ago
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To: Jill

I said "pet mentality" because I think people don't take these Specialties (or most shows in general) that seriously anymore. Does Tiger Woods dress his golf clubs up and parade around the golf course with them before a game because it's "cute" ?, NO! Does Peyton Manning put on lipstick when he goes out on the field because it's "funny"?, NO! This is a sport or a competition it's meant to be taken seriously. The pet mentality unfortunately has effected every part of this breed, from the whelping box to the dog show. Yes some serious education from the clubs would be of great help, but I think alot of people just need to realize that this is (and always will be) a serious sport. Not a costume party, or a coffee clutch.

Posted By: Mary Barnett

Posted On: 10 days ago
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To 'Jill'

What exactly does the pet mentality has run
'amuck' mean???

Posted By: Chantel O. Johnson

Posted On: 12 days ago
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I think perhaps some of the "special-ness" of the breed Speciaties may be declining. In the area where I live now this is what I am seeing. Most independent specialties are not truly independent. They are often fronting an all-breed weekend or squished in-between the all-breed weekend following Best in Show judging. This puts the specialty on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Or it has the specialty judging running into the late evening. Often leaving exhibitors having to wake early the next morning for 8:00am judging. While this is wonderful for the 'handlers' and also helps save in the cost of the shows, it does change the ambience of the specialty being a distinctive breed event. In my state I have seen some Specialties that do not even make a major entry. Many exhibitors simply cannot get the time off from work to attend mid-week dog shows. Evening specialties can be tiresome for some folks and their dogs. Especially puppies. Exhibitors may skip entering in sweepstakes to 'save' their puppies for the actually point worthy competition. Yes it it true that times have changed. Clustering the specialties with the all-breed circuits is probably better for showing expenses such as fuel and lodging. And, makes travel easier when all the shows are in one place. I do like the idea of putting on a couple of specialty shows in one weekend. A feel of them being special shows can be made and the old fun of the Specialty Show regained. Perhaps we just have to many dog shows in general? Different topic :)

Posted By: BigDogLover

Posted On: 12 days ago
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If you don't have exhibitors, you won't
have a show. Maybe you should educate
these "pet mentality" exhibitors that you
are aware of. As I remember there wasn't even
any educational programs at our recent
GDCA National......hmmm........

Posted By: Jill

Posted On: Dec 11
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It has to do with the quality of the exhibitors, the pet mentality seems to have run "amuck" in this breed.

Posted By: Mort Evans

Posted On: Dec 10
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Quality of Specialties

There to many Breeder judges that DO NOT JUDGE the animals in the ring that day.

Posted By: Elmer Robinson

Posted On: Dec 8
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Quality of Independent Specialties

I think the quality of the animals presented is improved but participation in some regions seems to have decreased. It would appear the number of events that haven't made majors in both dogs and bitches has gone up.