When you seriously think about it, is it realistic to expect veterinarians to do free BLOAT surgery repairs when the owner has no way to pay for the surgery? [190 votes total]

YES (38) 20%

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Posted By: Jill

Posted On: Dec 11
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In regards to the first answer on this poll. Do humans put "cause of death" in the obituaries? Rarely! Why should dog owners?
Also if we did that, as far as the breeding, there would probably be few or no Great Danes on the planet. I love them far tooo much to do that, so as with anything that has a pulse we must take the bad with the good.
Also, not expect Vet's to do "free" bloat surgery, that's what Ins. is for.

Posted By: Sue Cates

Posted On: Dec 10
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Unfortunately this scenario happens too often. I can certainly sympathize with the family that can't afford the $1500-$2500 bill for a bloat surgery. Veterinarians are not in business for charity cases--it's tough on them too. However, I see many cases , especially on-line, where it's pretty obvious that the owner does NOT have a really good relationship with their veterinarian! If they did, then that vet would surely extend payments to the owner. The other factor of course, is that many bloat cases wind up at night with an emergency clinic that does NOT in any way, extend credit.

Posted By: Dee King

Posted On: Dec 8
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It is my theory that Bloat is a genetic malady. It will lay dormant untill something such as stress, triggers it.

With all the research money and time invested..still no definitive answer as to the "why." Feed up, feed down, no exercise before or after feeding, no excess water. A person does everything the right way..and still it happens.

It would be my desire to see breeders not use any dog or bitch for breeding that has a "first degree" relative that has bloated. That IMO would be a start in hopefully eradicating the problem.

It is rare to see a Memorial ad that discloses why a Dane has passed. Rarer still is a mention of bloat cited as the cause of death.

Just my 2 cents.