Do you feel that the direction of the AKC is aligned with the best interests of purebred dogs? [179 votes total]

YES (44) 25%
NO (116) 65%
NO OPINION (19) 11%

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Posted By: Oldie but Goodie

Posted On: 10 days ago
Views: 239

Amen & ditto to JILL !! As political as they are ; they dont hold a candle to the GDCA !!

Posted By: Sean

Posted On: Mar 15
Views: 451

Until they break ties with the likes of the Hunt Corp. and other well known dealers/mills. My answer is absolutely not...

Posted By: Jill

Posted On: Mar 14
Views: 513

Well, they certainly do a better job than the GDCA.

Posted By: Nanci

Posted On: Mar 12
Views: 575

For such a resounding "NO" why is it not one person can explain to me what I'm not seeing?

Posted By: Nanci

Posted On: Mar 5
Views: 932

I would like to know why people do not think the AKC has purebred dogs best interest at heart? Remeber, just like the Government they have to appeal to the masses, and can't please all the people all the time. Maybe they are doing something bad that I don't know about or see as a bad thing?