Do you feel that increased sponsorship by corporate interests (such as dog food companies) has had a favorable impact on the sport of purebred dogs? [182 votes total]

YES (68) 37%
NO (97) 53%
NO OPINION (17) 9%

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Posted By: Jill

Posted On: 8 days ago
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dog food co's

How long has the GDCA been receiving this money from Purina for the futurity? Have we seen things improve as a result from all this money? What is the benefit or goals of Purina in this? Just hoping every Great Dane owner will feed Purina? I'm just curious, I don't know much about any of this. Other than the booth at the National really.

Posted By: Carol Grossman

Posted On: 8 days ago
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Dog Food Companies Sponsoring Dog Shows

The Futurity Alliance consists of the GDCA receiving $10.00 for every Futurity nominated litter, $2.00 for every Futurity entered puppy, and $25.00 for every Futurity entered puppy who ultimately achieves his Championship. The figure awarded in October of 2005 was over $5,000.00. This money MUST be used for Health, Education and/or Rescue.

I believe if you take a look at the financial report for the GDCA you will see that they donate back more than this amount in the aforementioned programs.

In addition to the Futurity Alliance we have our (PPCP) Parent Club Partnership Program. If you feed any Purina product, except Beneful, and if you belong to the Purina Pro Club, and if you declare Great Danes as your breed then every time you redeem, in addition to what we credit in your account we give the GDCA 10% of that redemption. This program works on the calendar year. At the end of 2005 all the redemptions for Great Danes were added and 10% of that total is issued in two checks. Half of that amount approximately $5,329.21 is sent to the GDCA under the same conditions as the Futurity Alliance monies. The other half $5,329.21 is sent to the (CHF) Canine Health Foundation for the GDCA to direct in research for our breed.

I believe I have answered all of the questions posed on this poll. If there are any further questions I can address in regard to this issue please feel free to email me directly...Carol Grossman

Posted By: Jill

Posted On: Mar 12
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Dog food. Co's

I don't mind A dog food company sponsoring a show and having a booth. I think that it has gone far beyond just sponsoring, but toward ownership of shows and events. I think that impact is not good for the sport, or purebreds.

Posted By: Sara

Posted On: Mar 10
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Dog Food Company Sponsorships

From an all-breed show standpoint, dog food companies "sponsor" dog shows... which means that they give money, they give supplies (armbands and the like), and they advertise the show. In return, they get preferred vendor space, name recognition in the premium lists and the like.

Dog shows are VERY expensive to hold, and I'm glad there are other sources of income besides entry fees, parking money & concessions - all of which come directly out of my pocket.

Posted By: Scot Billings

Posted On: Mar 10
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Purina donation at Futurity

If I remember correctly the information regarding Purina's donations at the Futurity is available, & partly discussed, during the Finacial Report at the Annual General Meeting and/or Board Meeting. I remember either a partial or complete Financial Report at that time for quite a few years. I thought that the published purpose when it first came up was to be for Education, not to be used as prize money. I thought that I remembered that being printed on the same form that is used to opt-in or opt-out. I am sure that someone will correct me if I am incorrect.

Posted By: Pam

Posted On: Mar 9
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Special interest group promotion

I am still waiting for the GDCA to publish how much we are getting from Purina for the futurity. Look where it goes when it comes in: It is not put back into the futurity, or awarded to the breeders of the winning dogs...

Posted By: Dee King

Posted On: Mar 4
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Dog Food Companys

A person may not like a certain brand of dog food, but you can't dispute the fact that they have the $$$$ to sponsor shows, that introduce the general public to the sport and pedigreed dogs. And IMO is a good thing.

Dee King