Do you feel that the general mentality in current veterinary medicine is aligned with the best interests of purebred dogs? [186 votes total]

YES (46) 25%
NO (123) 66%
NO OPINION (17) 9%

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just a thought

It could be the nature of the polls. Congress consistently receives poor polls but we keep reelecting the same people. People tend to like their own congressmen but dislike congress as a whole.

It could be that people like their own vet but dislike vets in general. I wouldn't be surprised because I don't think the vet profession is excluded from the 20/80 rule.

The polls themselves aren't very good here but I don't think that they are meant to be. I think they are meant to stir discussion and in this they seem to be somewhat effective. I certainly wouldn't read too much in the poll itself, but I enjoy reading peoples posts.

Posted By: jp yousha

Posted On: Mar 17
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vet's & purebred & dog's best interests?

Hearing of the disenfranchisement AKC show dogs breeders purportedly feel about the veterinary community (witnessed by the poll results here & list comments, etc. generally), my husband suggested that the disparity between most veterinarians' obvious dedication to the good health of the animals in their care, and the lack of faith of so many breeders, as witnessed by such polls, might rest in the disparity of what many purebred dog breeders count as priorities in their breeding programs for their dogs, vs. what veterinarians are trained to focus on as health care professionals for all dogs in general.

IOW maybe it's not just that that vets' "don't care" but that they and dog breeders don't care about the same things. That thought is fraught with implications and suggests improvement could be made on both sides, not to mention teamwork in this area would benefit the four legged creatures we hope to hold carefully in our collective hands.

So perhapslike the French and the Germans we could agree to some detente; see the value and use in the other nation? I know I've seen good and bad on both sides of this divide. I've seen great vets abused by whacky breeders, just as I've seen great breeders who had to guard their own dogs from vets who fell asleep years ago. There are breeders who overstep their knowledge, still loudly proclaiming (often thru puppy buyers) what they "know," just as there are vets who have a knee-jerk reaction to anything a layman might suggest. So let's be fair?

I've also found personally it's really not impossible (or even that difficult) to find really *great* DVMs to be on my side as a breeder, and they are there to help with any problem or question I've had. I've received a cordial welcome and great respect from the vast majority of vets I know, & I'd be hard pressed to find even a few where their love of animals wasn't obvious. So I count my own attending veterinarians (present and past) in fact as an integral part of my team and a valuable source of support as well as information all benefiting my breeding program. They don't just look after my dogs, they look after me as a breeder. I feel the better for their added knowledge frankly & wouldn't want to reject such a rich source myself.

IMOSHO we shouldn't seperate ourselves from such a resource, but then the whole series of these polls suggests the average Great Dane show breeder doesn't trust anyone, be it the AKC, the GDCA, the AVMA..or...what...buyers...other breeders? Ray's current set of polls suggests we as a group feel very much alone, misunderstood & disenfranchised, which is both disturbing and interesting, as the obvious question then is why are we so misunderstood by all who are there supposedly to support us?

Or, more precisely, why are the respondents to the polls here at Dane Links currently feeling so alone and misunderstood, as one cannot be sure that this self-selected poll of course represent the larger show dane community, nevermind the larger dane-owning community, of course. Perhaps there is a trusting and happy silent majority out there just readingall this? Or? JMOSHO of course.

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Posted On: Mar 14
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To the last post, if your so smart and the vets are so bad maybe you should have become one? The question was do you think they have dogs best interest at heart. Well, do you think they wanted your dog(s) to die ? I think not. If they simply were bad vets thats a different story I could tell you that the same things happen in human medicine all the time and they certainly don't want us to die, anymore than the vets want the dogs to die. Some people are just better at things than others. It's great you have found a vet you trust and like everyone should have that.

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Posted On: Mar 13
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Absolutely NOT !! In my lifetime I have met & dealt with exactly 4 vets with any common sense whatsoever. Most have nil when it comes to surgical skill OR technique . ...or the ability to anaesthetise a large breed. I have witnessed hundreds of danes die from the incompetence of a veterinarian covering their mistakes by stating ''heart attack'' or some other excuse. And BTW I have saved lots of my own dogs from the fatality of a vets incorrect diagnosis just by my experience & common sense & their lack of it ...sadly. Absolutely no arrogance intended, just the facts.

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Posted On: Mar 8
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a vets opinion

As a veterinarian, I do feel that the majority of my colleagues are aligned with the best interests of purebred dogs (all dogs for that matter). Of course the answer you give to this poll has something to do with your definition of “best interests”. If your definition includes promoting disease prevention and treatment, nutrition, owner education and generally well being of the dogs then yes, I believe the majority of my peers whole heartily do their best to do these things for purebred dogs. Most veterinarians are not against breeding dogs, but instead are against the uneducated backyard breeder (who rejects health testing) breeding their dogs. You have to understand that veterinarians see so many uneducated people breeding their dogs, with heart breaking results, that we tend to be a little weary of breeders we don’t know.

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There are a lot of good vets that will work with you as a breeder, you just have to find them.
Keep in mind vets have to work with some really
gawd awful owners and breeders.... Vets need to make money too to pay for the 8-10 years of their schooling and then to buy a practice. Ain't cheap.....

Posted By: Kim

Posted On: Mar 8
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Hard to have faith in many vets

When you are sitting in a waiting room listening to the ladies at the counter pushing multi vaccines and an array of other drugs for 'prevention' onto owners whose dogs who are already sick or so old they have to be carried out to the bathroom it is hard to believe they (Clinics) want what is really best for the animal. You only have to be at any given clinic for 5 minutes in my area to see this happen.
As was previously mentioned there seem to be more vets entering into the profession with an anti breeding mindset and those vets are dangerous IMO.
I have had a lot of bad vet experiences so I have a hard time walking into a clinic with hope or faith that my dogs best interest is on anyone's mind but my own.
Kim Eastwood

Posted By: Scot Billings

Posted On: Mar 6
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Veterinary Medicine

I don't agree that each breed has it's own maladies, only that some breeds are apt to have some more than others. We have about 20, ir more, PET Vets within 10 miles of our house but we travel to a Vet 40 some miles away because she is a Breeder (Rotties) Vet. A Pet Vet is one that refuses to do a test requested by a long time breeder that has enough experience to recognise the need to test for. This causes either the death of the Dog/Bitch or the trip of the 40 some miles each way, which is what you should have done in the first place. (S)he is also the one that tells the new family of a pup, that the breeder's vet had just given the puppy shots 2 days before, that a complete "combo" of puppy shots should be given again. In my opinion the ONLY person that should recommend a specialist is a Vet, not the Dog/Bitch "owner".

Posted By: Sally

Posted On: Mar 5
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Do people think that Vets want dead or lame dogs ? I don't get it. I do think that each breed of dog has it's own and unique problems and with that how can a Vet know all the millions of combinations of breeds and diseases ? I think we are finding Vet service becoming more advanced, and that we are going to see things changing from the service we received from our neighborhood vets of the past. But, I think we will always have our problems (every breed not just Danes) and will have to seek specialist help in some cases.

Posted By: Mary

Posted On: Mar 5
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Unless your vet IS involved in the fancy, I'd love one of the people who answered Yes to explain how veterinary medicine is aligned with our best interest.

Posted By: Sharron Barney

Posted On: Mar 4
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Since I am working in a Veterinary School, I run into the "future Vets" every day. Unfortunately, they come into the school with the anti-breeder mentality and leave that way as well unless they have had some time in a clinic that caters to breeders and those are few from what I can see.