Do you think the GDCA should allow Top 20 scores to be made available to the owners of a Top 20 competitor? [146 votes total]

Yes (106) 73%
No (30) 21%
No opinion (10) 7%

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Posted By: Judy

Posted On: Apr 11
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Top 20

And by the way, since the NO answer is in the minimum, why are the 70% YES answers with (for the most part) anonymous in comments!

Posted By: Judy

Posted On: Apr 11
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Top 20

The Top 20 should have a winner - period. No scores submitted to anyone in the competition. There are far too many rating systems as it is and the scores given to the owners would quickly be shared and rated as #19, #18 etc. The Top 20 entries represent the top quality in our breed that are being shown/campaigned and they are all together for the spectators to see and acknowledge at the National.

Posted By: Longtime GDCA Member

Posted On: Apr 10
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A Democratic Organization?

These certainly are some interesting results. Although this is not necessarily representative of how all GDCA members feel, it will be telling to see if they hold to the democratic ideals they profess. After all, they had no problem quickly putting a vote about health checks to the membership, will they do the same with their beloved Top 20?

Posted By: Mike

Posted On: Apr 8
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Will it ever change?

There they go again.............protecting their precious WINNING. But, of course, it's BILLED as an educational event.

Posted By: Jane

Posted On: Apr 8
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Top 20 scores

Right on Gina.

Posted By: GMJ

Posted On: Apr 7
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TOP 20 scores

If the scores ( or opinions ) of the Top 20 judges were made available to supposedly ''just'' the Top 20 owners...they would be on the internet in 5 minutes flat and all over the country in six !!
Why put the judges yet AGAIN on the defensive. The scoring now is between the judge and his own conscience...for a change...and not for the reasons of ''favors'' !

Posted By: Sean

Posted On: Apr 4
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Instead of publishing "scores" why not publish critiques from the three judges?
In our other breed, all the winners down to reserves are always critiqued at specialty shows and supported entry all-breed shows. Unlike International shows the critiques are not seen until they are published in the quarterly newsletter.

Posted By: Jessie

Posted On: Apr 3
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Top 20 scores

I do not agree with "publishing" the scores but I see no reason why if an owner or breeder wanted to know what their dog scored, they should be entitled to find out. At regular dog shows, if you want to know why you placed where you did or why you did not win, you have the option of asking the judge. I see this as being no different. When questioning the judge, you may not like the answer you get and in this case, you may not like the scores but I believe you should still be entitled to the option. It is important to remember that at dog shows and at the Top 20, the results are based on how that dog showed on that day and how much better the rest did on the same day.

Posted By: Jeff and Patrice Lawrence

Posted On: Apr 2
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Top 20 scores

My understanding of the purpose of this event is "To encourage the showing of Great Danes in conformation classes and to provide an educational experience for judges, exhibitors, breeders and fanciers." How is the exhibitor or breeder and perhaps the fancier to learn from this event if the scoring is not made available at the conclusion of the event? In addition to being showcased at this event, the owners and breeders should be permitted to view the strenghts and weaknesses of their "Top" dog as seen through these "Top" judges eye. I DO NOT believe that all the scores be posted in the hallway like final exam scores - only allow the owners and breeders access. Other breeds which have Top 20 competitions show scores - so why is our competition different?

Posted By: Scot Billings

Posted On: Apr 2
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Top 20 "counts"

After talking to quite a few Breeders & Owners that show in Top 20 I agree with their point that they should see the figures. The main reason that I agree is that the Top 20 is not like any other show in any way. It's format, & judging, is so totally different that it might as well be more like the shows in other countries that have a critique required. Come to think of it, a critique might be an idea at all AKC shows.

Posted By: Dave Miller

Posted On: Apr 2
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Top 20

Does it really matter if you loose or win by one point? If no written scores where kept this question would not be on Danelinks. As long as judging is subjective, and there is not yet a better way, there will be disagreement. Publishing the scores will only add fuel to the fire. If we agree to do that, why not mandate that every judge at every show defend his or her decisions at the conclusion of each assignment to everyone who exhibited.

Dave Miller