What do you think of the new AKC rule that, beginning in 2007, will restrict evening Specialty shows to a limit of 50 entries? [153 votes total]

A good rule (40) 26%
A bad rule (104) 68%
No opinion (9) 6%

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Posted By: Jennifer

Posted On: Apr 5
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Evening Specialties

As the President of a small GD club and putting on back-to-back specialties this year, I can tell you that it is hard enough to draw big enough majors to a southern MS, but now I'll have to accomplish it by ADDING another day to the already 4 day weekend shows? This show is Thursday-Sunday and adding Wednesday for our specialty will be a battle! We also must consider doing both of our specialties in 1 day, 1 in the morning and in the evening.

We would NOT want any limits on our entries since I think we put on a GREAT show and want as many people to come as possible and won't take the chance of limiting entries. We need all the help we can get since we only have the radius of north, east and west. There is no south. Just my .02!

Posted By: Sean

Posted On: Apr 4
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The thing that I have not seen brought up. Where and how are they imposing the limits? Specials or class dogs? In divisions such as 2 and 9 you would barely be able to pull a three point major in Danes with 5 specials to be within that 50 count.

It will not only cost the clubs more money to hold their specialties independently but also the exhibitors.

Posted By: Scot Billings

Posted On: Apr 3
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New Limits on specialties

I will admit that I have never been involved on setting up a show, specialty or all breed but I can see a few things that I would think will make things harder for those setting up specific specialties. It is going to make things a little more difficult for the exhibitor in that we will now know that a specialty after an all breed and 2 specialties on the same day will have a new l;ower limit on the number of entries are available. That is about the only immediate disadvantage to the exhibitor but there is another one for the clubs that will affect the exhibitor. That is a problem based on the limitation of the number of entries that a specific judge on a specific day. Those limits are no more than 175 except for a specialty which is 200 as long as there are no more dogs of other breeds being judged by him/her. I would think that the new rule will make it harder to get a judge, in part because the fee would be smaller for a much lower entry. It's bad enough that the 175 shrinks to 100 for a 2 specialty show but it is rediculous for a specialty after an all-breed to be 50 instead of 175. Good judges will have to think long & hard in the future.

Posted By: Jessie

Posted On: Apr 3
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Limiting evening specialties

I'm sure the reason behind limiting the entry at the evening specialties was due to the fact that not only are they exhausting for the dogs and people but they had, on occasion, entries that would run close to midnight.

First of all, they are limiting to 50, ONLY the specialties that follow an all breed show. Mary Anne brought up the example of Kentuckiana. Either they can continue to have their specialty after the all breed and limit their entry OR they can move the specialty to another day. It was discussed at the cluster this year that the Kentuckiana club will probably go on Wednesday with both of their specialties which then need to be limited to 100 each. Personally, I don't think it's a bad idea. I remember the first year Wolverine had their evening specialty after the all breed and we were taking photos at midnight. That's too long and exhausting on everyone.

I'm in favor of the change. It will make things difficult for the specialty clubs for 2007 but I'm sure they can all work it out and maybe even to their advantage.

Posted By: Mary Anne

Posted On: Apr 2
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Evening Specialty Shows

Thanks for the exact wording, Karen.

It's exactly as I thought.

I agree this will be a hardship to many affiliate clubs, especially the smaller clubs or in locations or seasons where an indoor venue such as a convention or civic center is a must. Sharing an indoor facility with an all-breed show earlier in the day saves money, both for the show giving club and for exhibitors since it allows them to show at 2 separate events for one trip/one motel night.

In my area, most of the specialties are independently held events or daytime events held in conjunction with all breed shows, but this would affect clubs like Kentuckiana GDC which just held back-to-back evening specialty shows after (daytime) all breed shows.

Posted By: Karen

Posted On: Apr 2
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AKC Board Minutes 12/05

From AKC WEb-Site December 2005 Board Minutes:
"There was a motion by Mr. Gladstone, seconded by Dr. Garvin, to eliminate evening specialty shows.
This motion failed [2 yes 10 no]"......
"Following a motion by Mr. Goodman, seconded by Dr. Davies, it was VOTED {yes 9 no 3} to adopt the following policy:
Evening Specialty Shows- Effective January 1 ,2007, evening specialties of no more than fifty entries will be permitted following all-breed shows. Sweepstakes, special attractions or matches will not be approved in conjunction with evening events."
"Following a motion by Dr. Davies, seconded by Mr. Marden, it was VOTED [yes 9 no 3] to adopt the following policy:
Same Day Specialty Shows- Effective January 1, 2007, two independent specialty shows of the same breed of no more than one hundred entries, inclusive of sweepstakes, special attractions or matches, may be permitted in the same location."

This policy will limit my affiliate club's Evening Independent Specialty to 50 entries despite the Dane entry at the all-breed show that day.

Posted By: Mary Anne

Posted On: Apr 2
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Evening Specialty Shows

I was under the impression that this new rule only applies to evening shows held at the same location which begin after the conclusion of judging of the all breed show.

In other words, it's that two shows involving the same set of dogs are held on the same day, not that it's an evening show, per se.

Exempting breeds who typically have small entries from this rule was a concession to permit two shows on the same day for breeds which historically have a hard time making majors. That's why it was allowed if the entry is 50 or less.

Does anyone have the actual wording?

Mary Anne

Posted By: Karen

Posted On: Apr 2
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AKC Specialty Rule

Unfortunately the AKC Board has already voted this in as a new rule. It was published in the Secretary's Minutes in the AKC Gazette.
It is interesting to note that the original motion that was made was to abolish ALL evening Specialties. This motion was made by Dr. Tom Davies and was defeated. The second motion passed with the stipulation of a 50 entry limit.
Not only does this impact the affiliate clubs but it also reduces the number of events that folks that are interested in judging Great Danes can either observe or judge provisionally.
Aren't our Specialties where the majority of the best dogs are shown?
It seems that the area of a very important learning experience will be greatly impacted.
Where are we going to have prospective judges learn the Great Dane? From the all rounders??????


Posted On: Apr 2
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Posted By: Pam

Posted On: Apr 2
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Can anyone tell us exactly how long a poll will remain open? IE, EXACTLY when it closes, so it does not look like someone got tired of resonses?

PS I dont think this particular limit will be approved. There are too many people who will vote against it.