Do you feel the GDCA's ILLUSTRATED Standard represents an ideal specimen of the breed? [206 votes total]

Yes (58) 28%
No (134) 65%
No opinion (14) 7%

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Posted By: Lori Cornelius

Posted On: May 4
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I have to agree with the posts regarding Mr. Gauthier’s drawings. While the drawings are before my time in great danes, my friends Sandy and Bill Fetters were friendly with Mr. Gauthier were fortunate enough to have him paint oils of some of their great danes from the past as well as their Doberman and those paintings are just beautiful. Sandy has shared several of his drawings with me which I have had framed.

I have to admit when the new standard first came out I did not totally understand what all of the fuss was about…now that I’ve been in this breed longer and learned so much more, I can see why so many breeders were not happy with the change.

Posted By: Barbara Steinbacher Dalane

Posted On: May 3
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standard drawings

There is no question, the drawings of Don Gauthier represents the "look of eagles" that is the heart and soul of the Great Dane Standard. In my humble opinion. (smile)

Posted By: Marsh

Posted On: May 3
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I would like to see the drawings of Donald Gauthier replace what we now have. Our present drawings do not do justice to the overall regal bearing of our breed.(Too common, generic)