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Has one of your own pups ever become seriously sick as a result from it receiving a vaccination? [270 votes total]

YES (92) 34%
NO (178) 66%

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Posted By: Joyce Guthrie

Posted On: Jun 15
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Although I haven't had a pup become ill as a result of vaccination, I have had an adult dog develop cancer-osteo after receiving a rabbies vaccination. She ahd gone into DIC after spay surgery. Rabbies given 1 month later and the osteo showed up a few weeks after that. I don't feel it was just coincidence.

Posted By: Darlene Bergan

Posted On: Jun 15
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sick as a result from vaccination

I have had two Danes and a Chihuahua become ill from vaccines. I refuse to do them every year now as some would have you believe you HAVE to do. I run titters on all of my dogs now. If they need something, I will take care of it. If they don't, why take the chance? The point is (for me - I'm not saying this is for everyone), you have to ensure you are not over vaccinating but you want to ensure that the antibodies are there.

Posted By: Dawn Ruhl

Posted On: Jun 13
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Had 2 Danes get seriously sick from vaccines. Also a Pomeranian and a Miniature Schnauzer.
Oh, and I had a cat get cancer in the exact spot her vaccines were administered. Started out as a lump in the area, and the vets said it was nothing. A year later she had to be put down because it was cancerous.


Posted On: Jun 11
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Posted By: Betty Lewis

Posted On: Jun 11
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Vaccine damage shows up in many ways that people don't necessarily connect with the vaccines. However, the first veterinarinan I worked for, a PhD immunologist, used to say "Today's vaccine is tomorrow's cancer." Personally, I've seen more vaccine damage than I can describe here, in my own dogs as well as my clients'. It's just a matter of recognizing it.


Posted By: judy london

Posted On: Jun 10
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years ago i had a harle puppy come down with HOD after giving galaxy 6 vaccine. i know of another breeder that had 2 brindle puppies that were being shipped come down with HOD after being given the same vaccine.

Posted By: Scot Billings

Posted On: Jun 7
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4 in one litter were ill but one survived. All 4 were the ones that had the same vaccine for the first & second set of shots. The post mortem by Purdue Univ. on one of the pups stated that it was related to the vaccine. The 3 that died were local (within 40 miles) & the 4th was over 100 miles away. It was shortly after the elimination of most "killed" vaccines.