Do you think the AKC decision to rescind the contract with Petland is the end of this story? [209 votes total]

YES (29) 14%
Probably not (111) 53%
NO (69) 33%

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Posted By: Scot Billings

Posted On: Oct 6
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The end of the story?

The odds are that it is the end of the story for 2006. Regarding raising fees, that is what lowered the number of registrations. The AKC went for decades leaving the price low which is one reason that registrations, especially pets, increased. Now they have the fee high enough that fewer people are registering purebred dogs but I doubt that AKC has enough sense to realize that the only ways to increase registrations, again especially pet registrations, is to either give more for the fee than just a registration or lower the fee. Of course AKC is not apt to reduce the fees even if it meant increasing funds because that would mean admitting that their mistake was the reason for the reduction in registrations. I am afraid that they will come up with another "quick & dirty" gimmick, like PetLand, in early 2007. Over the past FEW years they have shown that they don't want to do any research but would rather invent another "get rich quick" scheme in hopes that nobody will notice it. It may be that they will raise fees but that will do more harm than good to their income. Again, only time will tell.

Posted By: Tim

Posted On: Oct 5
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Registration fees drive AKC's revenues. Registrations are down. Given that, most businesses would react in two ways. First they would cut costs and "rightsize" the organization. AKC shows no signs of doing this because afterall these things are painful and unpleasant and call for sacrifice. Given this, it is logical (to AKC) to develop strategies to increase revenues (which is what the Petland deal was). The fact that the board made the decision to move ahead with this deal despite the ethical considerations means that they should be called upon by AKC's stakeholder base to resign. Let Ron Menaker be the first. Most boards face the consequences of their actions (read today's WSJ about HP). I assume no one at AKC will face the consequences of theirs. That would afterall, be painful, unpleasant and require sacrifice from the organization. AKC is simply another organization too focused on it's own security and perpetuation rather than on adding value to it's stakeholders, in this case the breeders, owners, exhibitors, the people who work tirelessly in rescue, and the dogs themselves.

Posted By: Sean

Posted On: Oct 5
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As long as they are in Bed with Hunte Corp. and other large scale "USDA" breeders we will never see the end of these things. They are the AKC's "bread and butter" not us..

Posted By: Danelover

Posted On: Oct 4
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AKC and Petland Agreement

I do not personally feel that this is the end of the story. AKC is trying to find a way to increase funding and I bet we see a jump in AKC registration fees and AKC reporting fees at shows. They will try to get more out of the very people who complained so much - those who are dedicated to improving their breed. And why does a "not-for-profit" orgainzation need to raise funds when they report a surplus? Time will tell.