What was your favorite part of the 2006 National? [453 votes total]

Agility (15) 3%
Auction (7) 2%
Awards Banquet (11) 2%
Bitch Competition (49) 11%
BOB Competition (65) 14%
Dog Competition (50) 11%
Education Seminars (17) 4%
Food (16) 4%
Futurity Competition (51) 11%
General Meeting (1) 0%
Health Testing (10) 2%
Judging Seminar (3) 1%
Murder Mystery (7) 2%
Obedience (14) 3%
Parades (30) 7%
Rally (11) 2%
Socializing (49) 11%
Top Twenty (32) 7%
Welcoming Party (15) 3%

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Posted By: Sue Larkin

Posted On: 22 hr, 20 min. ago
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2006 National

The Midwest Region's 2006 National was a huge success. Hats off to Lourdes Carvajal and her hardworking team. The Hospitality Room deserves favorable mention, especially those deviled eggs!

My favorite part of the National was the Top Twenty event, where along with owners Phil and Linda Clesi, I participated for the first time as owner and handler with Lana (Ch.Alpine's Slightly Dangerous v Hawthorne). I do believe Lana enjoyed the experience as much as we did!

Heartfelt thanks to Don and Mary Lou Carmody, who with endless patience answered our many questions and had so much time for us. The Top Twenty event, under their direction, ran smoothly and effortlessly, helping us relax and fully enjoy the thrill of being there.

We went home from this National with many happy memories and wonderful conversations with friends both new and old. We can't wait for 2007!

Posted By: Barb Bristol

Posted On: 4 days ago
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We thought it was an awesome show site!! HUGE ring, plenty of seating and walking around room for everyone which is rare at a National! The Agility venue was perfect too, and close enough that we were able to run back & forth and show our bitch in Agility and her kids in Futurity on the same day. It was wonderful to have crating space inside there. Everything was wonderful, and kudos to Lourdes, the Midwest Division, the host clubs, and especially the Hospitality committee for that wonderful spread! We would definitely vote to have the next Midwest National at that same site!

Posted By: Glenda Burns

Posted On: 6 days ago
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The 2006 National was an outstanding success...and everyone who participated in this success deserves a standing ovation. The Midwest Region, led by Lourdes Carvajal, should be extremely proud of themselves. The hotel was outstanding and their staff managed to stay helpful and friendly throughout the entire week. They also managed a fete that many hotels fall short on...providing delicious and hot food for hundreds of people. The Expo Center is an incredible venue for a dog show of any kind. All the National committee chairs from Hospitality to Banquets to Top 20 to Trophies to...the list goes on and on...did a tremendous job. Unless you have been involved in an event of this size, it's hard to imagine the up front work and coordination that it requires. Good job, Midwest Region, I'm so proud of you!

Posted By: Jessie

Posted On: 9 days ago
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Being the Breeder of the Best In Futurity puppy made the Futurity my favorite. A huge Thank You to Susan Davis Shaw & Linda Tonnancour.

I must say that I felt Pat Ciampa did a beautiful job with the Best of Breed class. Her ring procedure, her timeliness, her consideration of all the dogs was greatly appreciated. She took a difficult job and made it look easy.

I also thought that this years Top 20 was one of the smoothest running and fastest Top 20s I've ever attended. It started on time and Lynn Brown Quick did an excellent job keeping things moving with her announcing and I especially am thankful for the care taken to pronounce the names of dogs & people correctly.
Kudos to Don & Mary Lou Carmody, the Top 20 Chairpersons.