When making breeding choices, it is no more accurate to think of a registered Great Dane as a boar hunter than it is to think of a registered American Staffordshire Terrier as a pit bull [191 votes total]
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I disagree (35) 18%
It's immaterial (50) 26%
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Posted By: Kim

Posted On: 11 days ago
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Posted By: Adam Protos

Posted On: Dec 9
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If a raccoon wandered into your yard, your eight year old female would probably want to chase and kill it too. However, that doesn't mean that we should be breeding our Danes like Coonhounds. Many people feel as you do, but there are some inherent problems with that rational. The boarhounds of centuries past were non-purebred entities, which may or may not be the ancestors of our modern Danes. Thus, using them and their questionable heritage as a model for breeding choices in our modern, purebred, Danes may be misguided. Is there any direct, credible link between the modern Dane and a bona fide boar hunter? Or is it purely a hypothesis or speculation?

Much like the pit bull is a mongrel in comparison to the American Staffordshire Terrier, the boarhound is a mongrel to the Great Dane. In my mind it would be unwise to base the future direction of a pure breed on the template of a mongrel.

Another problem is that there are no modern trials anywhere that simulate a boar hunt. As far as actual function is concerned, Great Danes have been estate dogs and companions for the entirety of their purebred existence. There is also no mention of a boar, or any other large game for that matter, in our official standard. So, I guess people can draw their own conclusions about it. However, as far as breeding choices are concerned in relation to the goal of getting Danes closer to the Standard, we may be better served to concentrate on the actual text rather than unsubstantiated and archaic hypothetical functions. My personal feeling is that we need to lose this whole boar story, it's a diversion and waste of time.

Posted By: Karen Quatman

Posted On: Dec 9
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Boar Hunter? Let us not loose sight ......

of some very basic facts. Based on the pure size of these dogs, they are quite capable of taking just about any animal down. In a pack situation, I wouldn't underestimate them taking down a lion. I say this and I have stellar temperament. The kind of temperament that is rarley seen in a great dane these days....sweet, confident,friendly, bomb proof but make no mistake, if a wild boar were to wander into our yard......appear on the up at the bank....try to apprach my van.......walk into my house uninvited......stroll onto our trail......they will die or at the very least, she will die trying to take it down. A young wil boar might have the advantange because my bitch is appraching 8, but I seriously doubt it. Great Danes are a liability in every sense of the word. If we underestimate what these dogs were originally bred for, we are only doing our breed a disservice and setting them up for failure. Throw bad temperament in there and you will have a disaster on your hands.