Based on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the overall level of expertise or knowledge base of those involved in the world of show Great Danes as a group (i.e., breeders, handlers, judges, and exhibitors)? [196 votes total]

1 (7) 4%
2 (2) 1%
3 (8) 4%
4 (23) 12%
5 (53) 27%
6 (29) 15%
7 (47) 24%
8 (20) 10%
9 (5) 3%
10 (2) 1%

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Posted By: Elmer Robinson

Posted On: Dec 5
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I believe there is a fairly large number of knowledgeable people in the breed. For me the question is how many people remain faithful to the breed or do they abandon that knowledge and compromise the interest of the dog for the sake of "making a name" for themselves.

Don't get me wrong a little ambition never hurt anyone, but when judges are less than honorable with their choices and breeders breed for champions and not to better the breed their involvement becomes misguided. They lose sight of the ultimate goal of making better danes.

It's the vanity of humans that is our greatest enemy as we try to improve the breed.

Posted By: Cheryl Cline

Posted On: Dec 2
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Overall Level of Expertise When Averaged

Since the categories were combined, I had to give a low grade as an average.

The majority of breeders and handlers know our Standard and really try to interpret it, breed it, and show it to the best of their ability. The both get higher marks.

The judges for the past few years have not done nearly as well, and new exhibitors (those with less than ten years of breeding or showing experience)are learning by their hit and miss successes from these judges, and these exhibitors are not using a critical eye to genotype as well as phenotype from the past and present.