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12.1.06 67

Based on a scale of 1-10,how would you rate the overall level of expertise or knowledge base of those involved in the world of show Great Danes as a group?(i.e., breeders, handlers, judges, and exhibitors)

12.1.06 66

Are non-breeders (i.e., those who possess minimal or nonexistent breeding credentials) actually capable or qualified to give legitimate advice for making serious judgments regarding breeding choices and practices?

12.1.06 65

Do you think mixed color breeding, as a whole, carries with it destructive consequences pertaining to the long term direction of the breed?

12.1.06 64

When making breeding choices, it is no more accurate to think of a registered Great Dane as a boar hunter than it is to think of a registered American Staffordshire Terrieras a pit bull.

11.1.06 63

Do dog organizations such as AKC, and their affiliate clubs have the right to reprimand and/or prohibit individuals, according to their rules, from participation in the organizations or the events that they sponsor?

11.1.06 62

Why aren't more breeders making a concerted effort to eliminate blatant faults such as light eyes, gay tails, haws,
bad color, pacing, etc.?

10.21.06 61

What was your favorite part of the 2006 National?

10.1.06 60

Do you think the AKC decision to rescind the contract with Petland is the end of this story?

9.14.06 59

Do you think it serves the best interests of PUREBRED DOGS for the AKC to be entering into contractual agreements with pet store chains who sell puppies?

9.1.06 58

Do you think it is appropriate for a puppy to be awarded WINNERS, BEST OF WINNERS, BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX or BEST OF BREED when it is deserving of the award?

8.1.06 57

Do you think Great Danes should be included in the AKC field event, DRAFTING?

7.1.06 56

Do you think the new CHAMPION FOR HEALTH award will be indicative of excellent health in a Great Dane?

7.1.06 55

Would you breed to a Dane without a CHIC number?

6.1.06 54 Has one of your own pups ever become seriously sick as a result from it receiving a vaccination?
6.1.06 53 Do you think a fair way to improve the quality of all individual breeds would be to double the numbers required to gain championship points?
5.1.06 52 Does your Dane(s) sleep in your bed?
5.1.06 51 What do you feel is the best course of action regarding the current ILLUSTRATED Standard?
5.1.06 50 Do you feel the GDCA's ILLUSTRATED Standard represents an ideal specimen of the breed?
4.17.06 49 How many Great Danes do you own?
4.1.06 48 What do you think of the new AKC rule that, beginning in 2007, will restrict evening Specialty shows to a limit of 50 entries?
4.1.06 47 Do you think the GDCA should allow Top 20 scores to be made available to the owners of a Top 20 competitor?
3.1.06 46 Do you feel that the general mentality in current veterinary medicine is aligned with the best interests of purebred dogs?
3.1.06 45 Do you feel that increased sponsorship by corporate interests (such as dog food companies) has had a favorable impact on the sport of purebred dogs?
3.1.06 44 Do you feel that the direction of the Great Dane Club of America is aligned with the best interests of the breed?
3.1.06 43 Do you feel that the direction of the AKC is aligned with the best interests of purebred dogs?
12.1.05 42 When you seriously think about it, is it realistic to expect veterinarians to do free BLOAT surgery repairs when the owner has no way to pay for the surgery?
12.1.05 41 Do you think the quality of independent specialties has improved or declined in recent years?
11.1.05 40 Would you prefer the GDCA to abolish the divisions and to have the National based at one site in the middle of the country each and every year?
11.1.05 39 Should potential GROUP performance influence a judge's choice in the Breed ring?
10.1.05 38  From your experience, what is the best age to evaluate a litter of Great Dane pups?


37  What effect do you think allowing multiple sires on the same litter will have on the breed?
9.1.05 36  Is the high price of gas actually influencing your choice of which shows to attend?
9.1.05 35  What do you think is/was the most difficult part of Great Dane structure to learn and understand?
8.15.05 34  After reading and thinking through the ballot regarding Health Testing to enter the FUTURITY,
 do you think it would actually make the FUTURITY a better competition?
8.15.05 33  After reading and thinking through the ballot regarding Health Testing to enter the FUTURITY,
 do you think it would actually result in preventing any diseases from occurring in Great Danes?
8.10.05 32  Has the time come for Danes to be selected for breeding for the purpose of enhancing their abilities
 to do performance tasks? (Obedience, Agility, Rally, Tracking, etc.)
8.1.05 31  On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being PERFECT, how would you rate judging at dog shows in general?


30  What do you most admire, the record of a great show winner or the record of a great producer?



 In the USA, there are many Great Dane kennel names, but how many true bloodlines are currently being bred?



 Do you give your Danes heartworm preventative?


27  Currently, which of the following best describes your show dog activities?


26  Are you a member of the following?  (check as many boxes as apply, before submitting vote)
   5.1.05 25   Generally, what is the best venue for a dog show?
   5.1.05 24   Have you ever had an experience with CARDIOMYOPATHY in any of your dogs?
 4.14.05 23   We have all enjoyed the "convention-style" National Specialties held in a hotel. However, do you
 think the  time has come for the show to be held at a show site and that all concerned would be better served if  we sought our own accommodations at various motels in the area the way we do at regular shows?
   4.1.05 22   What is the main purpose of contracts for selling dogs as they are written and used today?
   4.1.05 21   What is the primary interest of most people in Great Danes today?
   3.16.05 20   The Standard actually states, describing tail carriage, "NEVER above the level of the back."
  How important is this when you're contemplating a mating between two individuals?
   3.2.05 19   What's the highest award a Dane of yours has ever won at a show?


18   What do you think is an important positive result from advertising your dogs?


17   Which of the following is most likely to get Great Danes to look and gait as well as the other breeds
  you saw at the Westminster KC?


16   Do you think requiring disease checks on the sire and dam of Futurity entries is a good idea?
  15   Do you think a Great Dane will ever win BEST IN SHOW at the Westminster KC?


14   When a Dane has a CHIC number, does that mean it has passed the four disease checks it was tested for?


13   How much do the judging decisions at shows impact your breeding choices?


12   As a breeder, a handler or a judge, approximately how many times per year do you refer to the  Standard regarding the making of decisions?


11   Which of the following is NOT listed in the Great Dane Standard as a SERIOUS fault?


10   When you see a Dane, can you tell which brand of dog food it's being fed?
 11.27.04  9   How important are dark eyes?


 8   Is there a penalty for missing side teeth in the Great Dane Standard?


 6   What part of the National do you like best?
   5   Which is most important to you when choosing whether or not to enter a particular show?
   4   According to the Standard, which characteristic is emphasized most?