"What do you consider to be your most significant accomplishment
in Great Danes thus far?"

Robert Edison (Del Oro)...I would have to say the combination of having bred/owned 6 specialty winning Great Danes and having been elected to judge the National Specialty 3 times.

Teresa LaBrie (Wysiwygdanes)....I have many things that I am very proud of such as having bred the first blue Dane to win Best In Futurity, or finishing the first uncropped black male AKC champion, or having an agility Dane that is ranked #1 Dane as well as #1 for all working breeds in her division at 9 years of age.   However,  if I had to pick one single thing that I think has had the most significant impact on the breed (specifically blues/blacks) -  is that I have convinced many other owners and breeders that health testing is vitally important AND that sharing of this information via a public database will be key to making better breeding decisions in the future.

Michelle Bjorkman (Daystar)....I would say that to date, I have strong, healthy, great tempered Great Danes.
I am proud of what I've been able to do with the finances we have to work with.
I'm very content with my success and would like more, but I'm very content with my Great Danes and proud of their sound conformation.

Nikki Riggsbee (McEmn)....The Great Danes I've bred with the affix McEmn.  With  eight generations going back to my Mountdania and Rojon foundation bitches, I have a line that is fairly consistent in breed type, soundness, good health, and good temperament. 

Gina Jaeblon (GMJ)....Setting an extremely difficult goal for myself ; epitomizing a[ harlequin ]great dane which by my own ''personal'' standards is the very very best....and after years of research, numerous disappointments , many tears & hard work....finally reaching that goal.

Lisa DeRoulet (Roulet)....Breeding the 1995 futurity winner Ch. Roulet's Fly'n Tiger V. Greyhaven with my partners Louise VanAlstyne & Mary Gaffney.  Also having owned Specials ranked in the Top 20 for 8 years in a row 1993 through 2000 & capturing 3 All Breed Best In Shows.  Being asked to judge the Top 20 Twice as the Breeder judge.

Jane Gray (Owlwatch)....This is a difficult question to answer briefly. I think that our greatest accomplishment is that, in 35 years of breeding dogs, not one of my dogs, to my knowledge, has ever gone into rescue. If I could be so bold as to give a second greatest, I would have to say that producing a dog that not only went BIS but won the National Specialty and produced a National Specialty winner and was the Grandsire of yet another National Specialty BOB winner, all of whom were BIS dogs as well, ranks right up there. Being either the owner or breeder of WD, WB, and BOB of National Specialty winners comes in high too.
I hope all of that is not too long.
Thanks for the opportunity to "glow a little".

Phil Gray (Owlwatch)....Jane and I don't always think and speak with one voice, but in this instance I would like to second her statement with this small amendment: I feel that it is of great significance that what we have accomplished has not been detrimental to our family. On the contrary, our involvement in dogs, and Great Danes in particular, has instilled a love for the breed in both of our children. I would like to think that we have somewhat inspired our daughter, Patrice Lawrence and, in turn, our granddaughter, Tristen, to enjoy sharing our lives with this noble breed and in turn with others who feel the same.

Chantel O. Johnson....It’s nice to breed a Champion, handle a Group winner, judge a Sweeps or finish an obedience title. But, what I think makes me feel that it’s all worth while is helping new comers to the breed learn the ropes and then watch them succeed.

Paula Heller (Rojon)....Along with Ray Cataldi, breeding the 2003 Best in Futurity Winner,
Ch. Rojon's Keepsake.

Steve & Sue Mahany (Dane Lane)....Having bred and owned a dog that received a Group 2 at Westminster.

Beve Hauer (Hauerdane)....Head type.  I believe Hauerdane is know for some exceptional heads and breed type.

Robert & Sharon Hladik (Hladik)...I believe my greatest accomplishment in Danes has been to gain the ability to learn from my mistakes and utilizing other’s accomplishments as examples for success. It has enabled me to progress at a steady pace improving my dogs with each generation, resulting in being blessed with 3 Great Danes in the top 20 for the year 2004.

Pat Ciampa (Maitau)....A consistent recognizable line emphasizing those qualities I feel are important to overall breed type.

Lisa Foltz (Avanti)....Not only to have owned and bred a few of the top dogs over the past several years but to continuously see the Avanti pedigree in the background of many of the breed's current top dogs.

Dan Palantino....My greatest and most significant accomplishment within the breed, with no question would be the winning of the 2004 Great Dane Club of America National Specialty!

Lourdes Carvajal (Rochford)....In my few home bred litters, I feel I have accomplished what we strive for:  health, longevity, temperament and conformation.
Janet and I have decided not to breed anymore, but we retire from a breeding program that has gone for 21 years with 55 % champions out of litters bred.
I will still own, show and judge Great Danes as they are my life.

Warren Benoit (I've Spotted)....I think the most significant accomplishment is that Norvel and I, have had the opportunity to exhibit dogs that were recognized by the breeders. Which in turn, I hope it inspired others to show the breed for its beauty and grace.

Susan Davis Shaw (Davisdane)....Although I certainly cannot take any credit for the current movement for performance Danes, I am proud that I have always dual-titled and given recognition for the well-rounded Dane, even when it was not in vogue and in fact, discouraged, by "breed" people.

Dale Tarbox (Sandale)....I think it would be establishing an actual "line". Danes with my pedigree
have a recognizable style.
Consistency is not an easy thing to establish, especially breeding on a very limited basis.

Leon Reimert (Rockbridge)....Probably being breeder of Ch. Mountdania's Timber, who I think had an impact on the breed.

Marshall & June Stoner (Lost Creek)....We would have to say we are most proud of the contributions of our stud dogs to the breed.. We have owned two outstanding producers, each with over 20 champion get. BISS Ch. Rojon's Don-Sue Luke v Lost Creek(Luke) was, also, GDCA Top Stud Dog in 1996. His nephew, Ch Rojon's Lost Creek Revelation(Preacher) won the Stud Dog class at the National in Kansas City. We are hopeful that our current young special, multiple BISS Ch Lostcreek's Joseph Dane Lane,(Joey), co-owned with Sue Mahany, will join them as a top producer, in the future. Joey is a grandson of Preacher.

Vince Mulligan (Paradise)....I would like to think my most significant accomplishment in Great Danes thus far is, Breeder Owner Handler, and Judge. I try only to judge the dog, and I do give back to the sport every time that I can at no charge. That is all I can do.

Raymond R. Goldstone (Paquestone)....I think where breeding Great Danes is concerned significance probably does not quite come to my mind. To date I have not had a stud dog to rival any of the noted stud dogs of the past three or four decades. I have not owned a bitch that has produced more than five champions over the years. Having said this, I have had multiple litters that have had multiple Champions of which I am very proud. I have bred somewhere between 30 & 40 American Champions over the years with a lot of help from my friends and co-owners. I believe this is significant in a breeding program.
When I decided I was going to breed Great Danes, I had a goal for success. I thought I would do my best for ten years and if I was not capable of meeting my expectations, I would not do this any longer. I bred one of my most winning dogs in this time period, so I decided I would continue. My first priority when breeding Great Danes, is to breed for soundness. I have always felt that soundness includes the whole, both physical and mental attributes. I think this is missed all too often. I have had or taken the opportunity to learn so much about Great Danes and about a lot of other dogs, since I decided I would pursue a license to judge at dog shows. This has been a great learning experience, and is significant in my life, as I am so passionate about our breed and so passionate to award the best dogs that are presented to me in the ring. This has been and continues to be just a wonderful experience in life.
Life is a learning experience and I am still learning and enjoying our sport, our breed and all of the wonderful people I have met since I decided to be serious about this endeavor.

Randy Weaver (Avant)....Winning the futurity or 2x's AOM at national or qualifying for TOP 20 with 4 different dogs are most publicized but most significant would probably be to have encouraged a new person to ask the right questions of their handler, breeders and themselves and the clubs they belong to.

John & Myra Stusek (My-Jon)....BISS CH My-Jon's License To Thrill # 7 in USA 2000 and top producer in USA 2002 & 2003 so far and needs only one more Champion to be in the hall of fame.

Sharon Hennessey (TX-C)....My most significant personal accomplishment thus far, has been winning the 1996 Futurity, as an owner handler. My goal (lofty as it may be ) is to win the Breed at the National! However, my TX-C partnership with Marilyn, Marie and Nancy has undoubtedly been the most rewarding.

Dave & Jay Miller....Most would say our only achievement was being smart enough to throw in with Tootie and Joe Longo and we would not disagree.  However, Dave loves his work with the Futurity and hopes that in some small way he is contributing. For me I truly think the days I spent doing Dane Rescue for GDCMS with the most devoted voices for all Danes, Amy Wilson and Margaret Shappard have been the most gratifying.

Lori Cornelius (Dixiedane)....Having owned a bitch, only bred twice, in the GDCA Hall of Fame with 10 champions - also she was the GDCA’s Top producing brood bitch in 1997 - two of her children went on to become a dog with his Register of Merit - having been the GDCA’s Top Producing Stud Dog in 1999 and a bitch with her Register of Merit - having been the GDCA’s Top Producing Brood Bitch in 2000.  Co-breeding and co-owning a dog that was Best Junior in Futurity, Award of Merit Winner, BISS and BIS dog with my two best friends, Pamela Deloria and Sandy Fetters.

Joy Lobato (Lobato)....Having the #1 dane (All Breed) in the country for two years in a row...2003-4

Ann Foxwell (Auldmoor-UK)....I think it would have to be having bred a # 1 in America in the
shape of  Ch. Auldmoor's Almost An Angel.   # 1 for two years, I was so proud that I had bred a bitch who found favour with American Daneites, I had always loved the American style of Dane
and it was great that they liked her; should have retired then.

Carol Grossman....Having the privilege of handling three (3) National Specialty Winners including the first Black Dog to win the National and the first Black Bitch to win the National.

Dana Cline....My greatest accomplishment in Great Danes most certainly would be to have gained the respect of many peers and those that I hold in highest regard in our breed.

Barbara Grote (Academy)....Besides the eternal crusade for healthy dogs with good temperaments, I consider it most significant to understand the nature of each puppy and what type of environment will best provide him a permanent home. In a world of overpopulation, we who breed show dogs must consider the animals past the point of receiving payment.

Chris O'Connell (Sheenwater)....My association with Sally Chandler, co-breeding a number of impact Dane litters under the Sheenwater prefix.  It can be seen, all around in pedigrees today.

Laurence Morgan-Evans (Vanmore -UK)....I believe that the greatest achievement in Great Danes for me, is breeding sound healthy stock for over 20 years, being able to remember people that bought a puppy from me 10 years ago and the same people coming back to me wanting a another puppy.  That does fill my heart with pride and joy ...  I must have done something right!
On the show success,  I guess winning Best of Breed at Crufts twice with a grandmother and her granddaughter. Winning groups and Bests In Show at general Championship shows with homebred Danes. Breeding 3 generations of Champion fawns .... Ch. Vanmore Hopelessly in Love being the mother of Ch. Vanmore Diplomat who is the father of Ch. Vanmore French Kiss. Breeding & owning Champions in 4 of the 5 recognized colours here in the UK - fawn, brindle, harlequin & black. (The UK as yet doesn't recognize mantle as a colour). Also selling Champions to others here and abroad so they can enjoy some success too.
And of course, not being a professional handler ... mating, rearing, training and showing all these Danes myself.

Jose Ribo (Jerdans)....Having been able to have bred, kept and shown a specimen like Princess Ty.   Also I think the win at the National with our Futurity puppy is a true dream come true. Although I think even a greater accomplishment for me, is having some of the people in our breed, using our stud dogs and asking to be place in a waiting list to obtain puppies from my breeding program to show as well as incorporate into their breeding program.  The people that am referring to are people that have been around for quite some time and also have in different ways contribute to the betterment of the Great Dane. I do have great respect for many of them and it makes me feel like that is one great accomplishment for me and quite meaningful as well!

Mort Evans....My personal accomplishments are: (1) Still loving showing Great Danes. (2) Love exciting new people in Great Danes. (3) Winning with a new puppy and everybody around saying WOW. (4) Having great people pay me to play in never never land and love it!!!!!!!!

Carolyn Mobley (Jecamo)....Having contributed to the breed. Getting new people to show and also contribute to the breed.  Out lasting my jealous competitors.....

Cathy De La Garza.... I do not feel as I have contributed to the gene pool because I have a closed small program. I do feel that I have contributed a lot to the educational/ethics end of this game.

Marilyn Draper (Dellago)....We started out as many people do; purchasing a dog to become a member of our family and to grow up with our children. After 11 years with a Harl, we needed to fill the void and that is when we purchased a dog but this time there was more time available and so we tried our hand at shows etc. and the rest is history. We have always kept in mind that our dogs are members of our family and we have enjoyed healthy, long lived dogs. I believe a good part of that is because we are able to offer a healthy environment with a great deal of safe fenced area to exercise and we provide a healthy diet. We use good Veterinary care (often the Veterinary Hospital at the U. of Penn). I consider socialization very important and all our dogs spend time in the house. I don't look at that as a significant accomplishment, I look at that as our responsibility. Our dogs are a very important part of our lives.
I'm not sure that is anything that you are looking for; there are so many people that have achieved and broken many records. Our dogs are family.

Kathy Varian (Rika)....I feel that my most significant accomplishment in Great Danes is to consistently breed and exhibit beautiful "typey" dogs with exceptional temperament. These dogs have been produced and mostly shown in partnership with Karen Lindsay under the kennel names RIKA, Brier and, at times, Etal.  I am extremely proud of the Top 20 dogs: BIS/BISS Ch. Brierdane's Indian Amber (#1 Great Dane Breed systems 1982), BISS Ch. Hauerdane's Plain James v Rika, BISS Ch. Brier Rika Good Grief, BISS Ch. Brier Chaney's Will Work For Food, BISS Ch. Rika Brier Catera Lera Etal and, currently, BISS Ch. Warwick's Truley Scrumptious.

John & Jessie Gerszewski (Elan)....Having bred dogs and bitches who have been contributing quite nicely to many breeding programs.

Terry Goldman...I feel my accomplishments relate to my many years of judging. Over the years I have found I consistently like the same attributes in dogs that go back 2nd 3rd and 4th generations and are of the same lineage. There are certain characteristics that seem to show themselves breeding after breeding that I feel are complimentary to my knowledge and study of the Dane. I believe if I can add to the soundness of the Great Dane's future breedings through judging, and educating breeders of today, this then is my very significant accomplishment.
I could add to this relating to my Board years and President of the Oxford GDC, as an Educator and teacher on color committee, and I could go on and on and on.-----

Steve & Lois Arrowsmith (Kochak-Aust)....Being there for 35 years.

Eric Ringle....I think that my most significant accomplishment was campaigning Ch. Bodane
Tourister.  When I read through a top 20 catalog several years ago, I realized that
almost every Dane went back to him, most of them went back to him several times. Although he
produced 30-40 champions and did some nice winning himself, I have come to realize that his contribution to the breed carried on through the generations. Of course presently his name does not appear in 3-4-5 generation pedigrees.

Karen Martin (Diamond Danes)....I have been thinking about this a lot since I got your email. There is not just one thing I consider a very significant accomplishment. It also could cover lots of different areas. But this is what I came up with.
1.  My first Dane that I got overcame all the bias that our breed cannot do things by earning her TD on her 6 month birthday and going on to be the first CH-TDX Great Dane in our breed. She was a ROM producer and also produced a national specialty BOB winner.
2.  I consider the fact that out of my second Dane litter (which was a repeat breeding of the first), we produced a national specialty BOB winner who also was a ROM producer. Of course Dion also won the national breeder handled and was in the top 20, 2 years in a row. Both of those things happened within our first 8 years in the breed.
Thanks for asking for my input and putting it on your site with all the other significant things others breeders have done.

Mary Anne Zanetos (Giant Step/Rojon)....What I really am most proud of is managing Bull Lea's stud career in such a way that he was able to make a big contribution to the breed.

Robert Layne (Dinro/Sounda)....My most significant accomplishment in Great Danes has been establishing a breeding program that has made a contribution to the breed. I am pleased with the quality of danes that I have bred, and would proudly do it over again and again and again....