Ray Cataldi, webmaster



Just wanted you to know how much DANELINKS will be missed and I wanted to thank you for the quality site DANELINKS was. It very obviously consumed much of your time as anything done with care and thought does. The interviews were very educational and never trivial. For those of us on the 'sidelines' for now, it provided insight and viewpoints from some of the 'pillars of the breed' that someone like me would not get to see otherwise. I do hope those interviews will remain available. Thank you for your efforts....it sure was good while it lasted... Have a wonderful holiday and best of luck at the shows...

Patty Runchey


I don't think you know what kind of effect your site has had.  A well planned website with informed contributors is a difficult thing to find today.  You brought out the best of the past with an eye on the future.  Your insights will surely be missed.
Thank you for your time and effort.
Patti Nehr


I just read that soon we will not be able to get the invaluable, educational & sometimes thought provoking information that you have provided to us Great Dane "lovers" for quite some time now.  I feel it will be a TREMENDOUS LOSS, in many ways, to all of us who "tuned in" several times a week / month.
A very heartfelt THANK YOU for "all" you have given us on DaneLinks !!!!!
Best Wishes in the months ahead,
Barbara Lorenz


I am so sorry to hear you won't be continuing Danelinks. I go to the site at least once a week. Would you by any chance consider someone else taking it over? There is too big a need for this venue in the Dane world. I, for instance, would definitely be interested in the endeavor.
Thank you for your time,
Dawn Ruhl


Thanks for all the time you put toward Danelinks, it was a wonderful and educational resource for me.  I can only imagine how time consuming it has been for you and your staff.
I do understand your reasoning for wanting to move on but please know that I will miss Danelinks tremendously.  I checked in with you at least every other day and it was a way for me to know how Torrie's siblings were carrying on her bloodline.   I am going to miss peeking in on what's happening in the breed.
 You know I always wish you the best and we'll stay in touch.
Joan  Shuyler


I hate for the Dane World to lose Danelinks.
Its so educational and has many ads that are not otherwise seen.  What if we all subscribe to it to access it and then maybe someone could be hired to help the upkeep.
Lisa McIntosh


Dear Ray:
 Thanks for putting yourself out there...
"You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone.....:)"
Karen Desjardins

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating and sharing Danelinks with all of us.
The quality of the interviews and articles have been outstanding, informative and thought provoking.......
It will be missed!!!!! 
Roger Ritzman

Hi Ray,
 I am sad to see Danelinks come to an end. It has been such a breath of fresh air. The articles, the polls, the honesty and integrity will be greatly missed. Thank you for all the time you have put into it. As a novice I have found the site to be most educational. There is so much garbage floating around the Internet these days that one has a hard time figuring out what ones priorities should be from a breeding and exhibiting stand point. When I was turned on to Danelinks I was very thankful for all the great info and perspectives. Just so you know..... The site was here long enough to make a difference for me and I am grateful and thankful to you for all of your hard work over the years and with Danelinks. Thank you!
Kim Eastwood

Sorry to see it go, but I do see your point! Thanks for all your efforts on Danelinks and my best to you in the future.
Laura Munro

Hello Ray,
I also will be sorry to see Danelinks discontinued. I commend you on producing such a fine publication and do understand your need to concentrate on other avenues within the Dane world.
I would like to know if Danelinks will be kept in it's current home or if it will be removed once the site expires? If you plan to allow the site to expire I would like you to consider keeping it intact. If you need to relocate Danelinks I would be more than happy to provide the space to archive it and have it remain accessible to the public, free of charge, and complete as is.
It would be such a shame to lose all that you have built and all that people rely upon for information, both current and historical.
Thank you for providing Danelinks to us for these past several years.
Carol Sloan

Dear Ray,
I am sad that DANELINKS will no longer be there for us to read, see and learn from.  Thank you so much for the time and effort you and your contributors put into this very useful and insightful web source.  I will miss it.
Chantel O. Johnson

Dear Ray,
Although I have never sent even one email, I have been reading Danelinks since it`s beginning, and I will miss it more than I can say. I have learned so much here, and sent many others to the site so they may be pointed in the right direction as they start out with Danes. There has never been and never will be another source of information as timely and inspiring as Danelinks.
On a very personal note, I was never able to have a memorial page in a Dane magazine for my beloved BISS AM CAN CH Limerick`s Lovesong CGC ROM. I had very much wanted to have her in your Danes Revered section someday, and I am saddened that I am too late. My favorite picture of her is the one taken when you took her into the Parade of Champions in Kansas City. I know you remember that one!

I know that I am not alone in my sadness in seeing the end of Danelinks. I do understand what a huge undertaking this has been. I just wanted my chance to thank you, and wish you great luck and joy in whatever is next for you.
Dale Garrison

Thank you so much for letting me know and just know that it's a valuable website that will be missed!

Jennifer Bell

I will miss what has become an important part of my daily internet world. 

Sharron Barney


Thank you for a great website!!
Sharon  Hennessey


I am sure you are getting lot's of calls and emails regarding your dead line 11/15 for ads.  I don't think mine is due till December though.  There are lot's of Rumors that you may not have Danelinks any longer??  Is this true?  I know I will personally miss all the information and beautiful pictures of Danes.  Many people don't advertise in magazines so I get to see the dogs that I would not if it weren't for your site.  I hope you are well?
Kind regards,
~Cat Urner
Von Charm Great Danes


What's happening??????  I know it is a tremendous amount of work for you but we all enjoy Danelinks so much and I'm sure if it would help, you could get MANY subscribers.  I would!!!!  Please consider it.

Jessie Gerszewski


I saw you're no longer accepting ads after 11/15. Are you reformatting, selling or shutting down your website?
Sorry to hear it.  Good luck with everything .
Wayne Peterson


Is Danelinks shutting down..??? I sure hope not its a wonderful and useful web site.
Vicky Lanyon

I saw the editorial this morning. Are you going to end Danelinks?
I bet a lot of people would be happy to pay an annual subscription fee I know I sure would.

Sue Mahany


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